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Essential Steps You Should Always Include In Your Lawn Maintenance

What Should Your Lawn Maintenance Regimen Include?

Caring for the appeal and health of your lawn is important and vital. It ensures that the grass will remain healthy and lively throughout the spring and summer. Yet, there can be times when certain steps tend to be overlooked due to the amount of work which you need to do. But, there are several essential steps you should always include in your lawn maintenance and not ignore. Listed below are some of the steps which you should incorporate into your regimen.


One of the important steps which you should always include in your lawn care is regular mowing. Cutting the grass is essential for the appearance and health of your yard. It helps to prevent strain and a sense of neglect by maintaining the length of the blades. This, in turn, helpsto promote the grass’’ well-being by avoiding stress and nurturing deep roots. Also, you will reduce the chances of weeds developing as the blades will overcrowd their seeds. When performing the cutting always make sure you remove only a third of the blade’s length. When it comes to new growth this should be no more than 2 and a half inches.


Another important step which you should include in your DIY lawn service regimen is weeding. Weeds are among the frequent causes for browning, bald spots, and dying grass. It deprives the plants of valuable nutrients which in turn cause its dying out. It also leads to a ruin in appeal as such weeds tend to be an eyesore. There are several ways to take care of weeds. Such include applying a pre-emergent herbicide. And treating already emerged using special chemicals.

When it comes to proper lawn maintenance you should always include several important steps. Such involve mowing which promotes root growth and weeding which helps to avoid bald spots. If you would like to learn more, contact a professional contractor such as VF Lawn Services in Odessa, TX.