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Questions to Ask Your Landscaping Contractor

What to Ask When Choosing a Landscaper  

Hiring a landscaping contractor to create a vision for your yard and manage the project is a huge decision. There are several things you want to consider before hiring a landscaping firm. Do you want to get an idea of the things that matter during your search? If yes, the following are some of the questions you should ask during your search:

Is the work insured?

Landscaping work can be dangerous. Because of such, you need to ensure that your contractor is working with a reputable insurance provider. Your landscaper should have workers’ compensation insurance and general liability insurance. Your liability and workers’ compensation insurance will cover any costs if the company or landscaper gets injured while on the job. Or if the employee gets injured while on the job.

What is the expected timeline?

It’s necessary to ask about the timeline for the project. It’s also a good idea to ask how long it’ll take to complete the project and how many people will be working on it. Make sure to ask how many projects they work on at once. And how they handle the workload. By asking these questions, you’ll get a clear picture of how much time they need to complete the job and know that they’ll be able to meet your needs.

What are the chances of getting the same person?

Your landscaper should be able to tell you who will be working on your project, as well as how many people will work on it. It’s necessary to know the person that will work on your project and whether or not they have worked on similar projects before. It’ll also help you know whether or not you can rely on them for your personal needs.

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